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The holiday travel season is almost upon us! Whether you’re taking planes, trains or automobiles, keep these helpful tips in mind if you’re heading out of town in the coming weeks: 1) Know what essential items to pack. Make lists […]

The winter season brings much to look forward to: holidays, time with family, snow. What’s not nearly as fun? Getting sick. Scientists have found that when someone is sick within your same vicinity (home or office for example), it takes […]

There are certain days in our lives that will never be forgotten, either by choice or because the significance of them are burned into our memories. For me, Oct. 12 was one of those days. I was at California Pacific […]

Winter is coming, and we’d like to share a recipe from our Cooking Well cookbook to brighten your day. This healthy and satisfying entrée is low in sodium and high in deliciousness. Cooking Well is more than just a cookbook […]

I firmly believe the power of positivity is why I am still alive and how I’m able to endure and move forward with all of my chronic health issues. Our minds can have significant control over our thoughts and actions, […]

This Walk for PKD season, we saw the return of an event spearheaded by a volunteer who is passionate about connecting with his PKD community. We recently reached out to Parker Burns of the Salt Lake City Chapter to hear […]

Our Chief Scientific Officer David Baron, Ph.D. recently attended American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week 2017. The annual meeting brings together 13,000 kidney professionals across the globe, providing opportunities to exchange knowledge, learn about the latest scientific and medical advances, and […]

There are experiences and tragedies which we endure and can’t ever forget, but I believe it is important to find the strength to keep moving forward. Putting one foot in front of the other can unfold differently for different people, […]

One of the best ways to raise awareness for PKD is to get creative! The more unique you can make your methods of educating others, the more it will stick with them. We recently reached out to Bill Brazell, a […]

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